Robert Pattinson, Remember Me, Jackson Rathbone, CSI Miami, Twilight

Major update time!  Wow we have wallpapers galore - Robert Pattinson, Remember Me, CSI Miami, The Lennon Boys, Jackson Rathbone.  The 3rd Robert wall is from a manip.

Then we have headers, banners, twitter backgrounds, fan fic banners, etc for various sites and fics.

and lastly 3 videos - Mike Welch for Twilight and Bobby Long (from Twilight Soundtrack) 

EVERYTHING is posted as a thumbnail  Click for full size. 

Click - save - comment - Enjoy!

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Icons, Banners, Wallpapers - CSI Miami, CSI NY, One Tree Hill, Robert Pattison, Stephen Fry

Latest update! There are 22 icons, 1 banner and 2 t-shirt designs I was asked to make. Then several headers I made for There are also some LJ headers and wallpapers and finally a video (my 2nd attempt at a vid). I think most of this was for requests. Several items need to be clicked to open in full size.

Requests are always open. In fact someone asked for some Mac Taylor icons which I hope to have in the next update.

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Robert Pattinson icons, banners, wallpaers, video, Janto wallpaper - Requests now open

Ok so here is the latest update. Mostly Rob again! LOL I am likely going to hate myself for this - but I am going to open my photoshop for requests. I may need some help getting back into CSI or other fandoms. So go ahead an make any requests....just be patient with me in getting to them.

At the very end of this post though is my first ever video! Hope you enjoy it.

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